27 December 2017

Keel-laying ceremony of two medium-sized refrigerator trawlers of the project 1701, building No 414 and 415 has been held at Open JSC «Pella»

Solemn keel-laying ceremony of two trawlers of the project 1701 has been held at the new shipbuilding site of Open JSC «Leningrad shipyard «Pella». The vessels are being built for JSC «Eridan» and JSC «Strelets».

The honorary guests presented at the ceremony - Jury Parshev, Managing Director of JSC «Eridan» and JSC «Strelets», Ekaterina Kolodkina, Deputy Managing Director of economics and planning of JSC «Eridan» and JSC “Strelets”, Vladimir Usenko, Project manager of JSC «Eridan» and JSC «Strelets», Dragan Badzek, Director of Navis Concept, shipyard's managers and workers.

The trawlers of the project 1701 are intended for bottom and pelagic fishing and fish processing onboard.

General technical parameters:

Length overall61,04 m
Length between perpendiculars55,07 m
Width overall14,0 m
Designed draught 5,9 m
Fish hold capacity1200 cub. m
Powerplant3480 kWt
Gross tonnageabout 1650 t
Full displacement 3130 t
Endurance by fuel capacity not less than 30 days
Endurance by provision storenot less than 30 days
Design speednot less than 13,5 knots
Crew38 persons
Class notation КМ   Ice2 AUT1 REF Fishing Vessel by Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

Special equipment:

  • 2 bow chain anchor and mooring windlasses;
  • 2 stern gypsy capstans;
  • 1 cargo crane SWL 4 t with boom reach 16 m.
  • The fish processing factory of the trawlers are equipped with the following:

  • line for filleting of ground fishes and freezing in horizontal plate freezing units;
  • line for beheading and gutting of cod, haddock, pollacks, bass, wolfish, halibut and others, and freezing in vertical plate freezing units;
  • line for frozen fishing offal output (heads, spines, roe, liver etc.) with capacity of not less 5 t per day;
  • line of processing of pelagic species of fishes, mainly, bass, for beheading and gutting, processing with antioxidant and freezing in horizontal and vertical plate freezing units.
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