7 September 2013

Chief of Russian Navy admiral Viktor Chirkov visited Open JSC “Pella”

As during the last year's visit, the Chief expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of state contracts, and noted the significant dynamics of the production capacity of the shipyard.

During the visit the boat of pr. 03160 “Raptor” was demonstrated to V.V. Chirkov that was designed and built by the shipyard on behalf of the Russian Navy in the shortest possible time.

According to the Chief of Russian Navy and Navy experts the boat by its tactical and technical characteristics comparable to the similar foreign military equipment and also have precedence in some aspects.

The boat is intended to perform the following operations at day-time and at night:

  • the transportation of group of at least 20 persons providing the highest possible embarkation and debarkation;
  • duties in assigned areas;
  • intercept and arrest of small targets;
  • rescue of people in areas of duty.
  • The main dimensions:

    Speed 48 knots
    Displacement 23 t
    The crew 2 persons
    Special staff 20 persons
    Length 16.7 m
    Width 4,0 m
    Depth 0,85 m
    Total engine power 1690 kWt
    Wave conditions 5 balls
    Endurance 300 miles

    Fighting equipment:

  • the Universal Remote Weapon Station “UPRAVA-KORD” of 14.5 mm caliber with gyro-stabilized optical-electronic module;
  • 2 automatic guns “Pecheneg” of 7,62 mm caliber placed of the bracket mount.
  • Armored protection:

  • The room of the special staff and the wheelhouse of the boat are equipped with the armor protection which is comply to armor class “5” and “5 A” by bullet proof.
  • The portholes are made of bullet-proof glass of 39 mm thickness.
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