15 June 2017
Open JSC «Pella», JSC «Eridan» and JSC «Strelets» have signed Contracts for construction of two medium-sized refrigerator trawlers

The Contracts for construction of two medium-sized refrigerator trawlers were signed by the General director of Open JSC «Leningrad Shipyard «Pella» Mr. Gerbert Tsaturov and the Managing director of JSC «Eridan» and JSC “Strelets” Mr. Jury Parshev (Murmansk).
The vessels are designed for bottom and pelagic fishing and fish processing onboard.

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14 June 2017
Open JSC «Pella» and «Antey» Ltd. have signed the Contract for construction of crab catching vessel

A solemn ceremony of shipbuilding Contract signing was held at new shipbuilding site of Open JSC «Leningrad Shipyard «Pella». The Contract was signed by the General director of the Shipyard Mr. Gerbert Tsaturov and the General director of «Antey» Ltd. Mr. Aleksey Polomar.
The vessel is designed for crab catching by cone traps with following sorting, loading in grid baskets and live crab transporting in tanks with sea cooled water.

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8 June 2017
The tugboat «AGAR» of project 90600 (build. №948) has been launched

At the nearest time the trials will be carried out and after that the tugboat will be delivered to the foreign Customer.
The representatives of the Customer, Administration of Kirovsky region, the management of the Shipyard and workers participated at the launching ceremony.
The vessel was sanctified by Churchman Nikolay of the Church of St. Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles.

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10 November 2016
Open JSC «Pella» has delivered to the Customer the first longliner built in Russia

Open JSC «Leningrad Shipyard «Pella» at its own costs has designed and built at the Shipyard’s new complex modern high-efficiency fishing vessel with ice class intended for longline fishing of deep sea fish in the Barents Sea and the North Atlantic.

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25 July 2016
Shipyard “Pella” has presented its new shipbuilding complex as well as a number of attractive project designs of fishing vessels at the Forum of Strategic Initiatives.

From 21 till 22 of July within the territory of the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VDNKh) in Moscow the Forum of Strategic Initiatives was held. The Forum was dedicated to conceptualization of a long-term social and economic development of Russia until 2035. It is the first time in five years that thousands of leaders in different industries have come together at VDNKh to demonstrate their developments and to coordinate efforts amid new global challenges.
Shipyard “Pella” was taking an active part in this event. The promising projects – new shipbuilding complex of Open JSC “Pella”, project designs of modern fishing vessels were presented as part of the shipyard’s exposition: big fishing processing trawler, medium sized fishing trawler, catching vessel (crab-boat, longliner), all this apart from its serial products – fishing vessel of the project PL-475 and a multifunction rescue tug of the project PS-45.

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