24 February 2009
“Urgal” the tug boat has completed its voyage to the Far EastThe tug boat “Urgal”, second among the series of tugs being built on order of Open JSC “SUEK”, as well as the first one “Tugnuy”, successfully completed its running voyage from Saint-Petersburg to the port of Vanino having covered about fifteen miles on the seas of three oceans. read more
10 February 2009
Construction of vessels on new Pella designs is started

Pella Shipyard has started to build vessels of two new designs.

The first one – an up-to-date pilot boat which will incorporate latest achievements in shipbuilding. The boat will be able to accelerate to a speed of 22 knots, to take aboard 12 passengers and, most importantly, to work under ice conditions.

The second project – a multipurpose tugboat with a power capacity of 5000 h.p., capable of fulfilling a wide range of duties, such as escort, firefighting, rescue operations and pollution control.

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6 February 2009
The tug Taymen` has been launchedPella 16609 tug design has been launched - already the 4th vessel built for Ust`-Luga harbour. In comparison with its three predecessors (tugs of Pella 90600 design), the new tugboat is larger and more powerful. With bollard pull of 43 tonnes, it is capable of operating with vessels of a displacement over 50 000 more
14 January 2009
Tug “Tugnuy” of Pella 16609 design has completed its voyage to Far East of RussiaThe vessel (main power installation – CAT 3516 2x1492 kW, propulsion system - Rolls-Royce US-205 ASD thrusters) has completed the voyage made by its own power from Saint-Petersburg to Vanino harbour (Far East of Russia) where it will ensure the operation of coal terminals for the SUEK company. The voyage took 3 months. During this period the vessel passed about 15 000 n. miles and the “Tugnuy” performed reliable work both in the hot southern seas and also in tough storm and ice more
27 December 2008
The first tug for Russian Navy has been launchedPELLA SHIPYARD has won a competition for constructing tugboats for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the first tug has already been launched. Tests and trials will be done right after the opening of the navigation period on the Neva river. Hulls for second and third tugs from the supply series are already under construction. Powerful, up-to-date tugs of Pella 90600 design will additionally be equipped with modern Fi-Fi systems with the strength of 600 m3/ more
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