1 December 2008
Production summary for 2008Pella Shipyard, during 2008, built and successfully commissioned 7 tugs of different designs. Every tug was delivered in advance of contractual deadlines. Now the enterprise is increasing its productive capabilities to provide for the commissioning of 10 vessels in 2009, including vessels of new, up-to-date more
23 November 2008
Pella shipyard has won a tender to supply 5 tugs for Russian NavyThe Contract is for the delivery of 5 tugs of the Pella 90600 design, with a bollard pull of 36 tonnes, for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The vessels are to be equipped with up-to date Fi-Fi systems with the strength of 600 m3/hour. The tugs will be commissioned during the 2009-2011 more
11 November 2008
Tug “Urgal” of Pella 16609 design is preparing for a long voyagePella Shipyard had finished the construction of the tug “Urgal”, the second vessel from the set of tugs for AG “SUEK” and has sent it, under its own power, to the operation area – Port Vanino (Far East of Russia).read more
10 November 2008
New contractsPella Shipyard has concluded new contracts for the building of 4 tugs of the Pella 16609 design, for foreign companies . This once more proves the high technical quality of Pella’s more
10 November 2008
The tug Grifon-7 has been delivered to the customerThe tugboat Grifon-7, the second tug that was built for the towage company “Grifon Ltd”, has been delivered. The tug, with a total capacity of 2388 kW, is equipped for operation under heavy ice more
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