12 September 2008
Works on the preparation for the launching of the tug “Urgal” have come to an endWorks on the  preparation for the  launching of  the tug, “Urgal”  – the second tug of Pella 16609 design for the SUEK company - have come to an end. This vessel is also to make a "global cruise" from St. Petersburg  to the port of Vanino before the end of the current more
2 September 2008
Modernization of launching waysThe agreement on the beginning of works for the modernization of launching ways has been  signed to ensure the building and launching of the new Pella design tugboats with escort functions. Length of a vessel – 34 metres, breadth – 12 metres,  draft – 4,6 metres, bollard pull - 65 tonnes. read more
25 August 2008
“Polyarniy” arrived to the operation port
  The Pella 90600 design "Polyarniy" tug, constructed for the Norilsk Nickel company, has successfully finished its voyage through  the Northern sea passage to the Dudinka port.
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23 August 2008
Tugnuy has started its voyage
  In advance of contractual deadlines the tug “Tugnuy” was sent to the customer. For 2 months the vessel will voyage under its own power from the shipbuilding pier to port Vanino (the Far East of Russia) where it will ensure the operation of coal terminals for  the SUEK company. The main power installation – CAT 3516 2x1492 kW, propulsion system - Rolls-Royce US-205 ASD  thrusters.
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20 August 2008
The tug KLASKO-1 has been launched
  The solemn launching of the tugboat KLASKO-1, the first of the tugs which are under construction for the Klaipeda maritime company, has taken place. The tug, with a total capacity of 4500 h.p. and bollard pull of 55 tonnes, is equipped with a high-efficiency external fire fighting system from the Jason company (Norway).
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