11 August 2008
Technical parameters for SOVKOMFLOT tugboats have been co-ordinatedThe technical specifications for the building of 4 tugs in 2009-2010 for the SOVKOMFLOT company have been co-ordinated. read more
8 August 2008
The contract for the delivery of a tugboat in 2009 has been concluded

The contract with Towage&Marine Assistance (Lithuania)  for the 2009 delivery of a Pella 16609 tugboat has been concluded. The tug, with a total capacity of 3370 kW, will be equipped with forward and aft winches and a deck crane-manipulator. An external fire pump of 600 m3/hour productivity is also supposed to be installed on the tug.

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30 July 2008
The agreement about supplying of marine engines is reached

The agreement with the company ZEPPELIN RUSSLAND  for  the delivery of Caterpillar marine engines for the provision of Pella`s ship-building program for 2009-2010 has been reached.

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16 July 2008
Pella Shipyard is taking part in ROSMORPORT tenderPella Shipyard successfully passed the preliminary stage of the tender. read more
14 July 2008
New tug designAt the moment the concept design stage of a modern multitask Escort tug is finishing. read more
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