20 June 2008
Tug “Polyarniy” of Pella 90600 design was commissioned to the customer.“Polyarniy” has successfully passed sea trials and has been accepted by the customer MMC Norilsk Nickel for operating in one of the northest Russian ports – port more
18 June 2008
Tug “Tugnui” of Pella 16609 design is preparing for a long voyage.Pella Shipyard is about to start moorning tests on the tug “Tugnui” which is being built for AG “SUEK”- a well known Russian company. read more
13 June 2008
Good news from Greenland.According to information of the Norwegian shipping company Western Bulk, the tug “Western Seqi”, that was  commissioned  at May, successfully operates in Greenland. read more
10 June 2008
Pella Shipyard is developing its relationship with world leading companies for equipment production.To provide building process at our yard of 10 tugs annually since 2009 the negotiations with Rolls-Royce and Caterpillar companies for supplying with Azimuth thrusters and Main engines are successfully more
4 June 2008
An agreement on tug supplying for SOVCOMFLOT Company is reached.SOVKOMFLOT - the largest Russian shipping more
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