14 June 2017

Open JSC «Pella» and «Antey» Ltd. have signed the Contract for construction of crab catching vessel

A solemn ceremony of shipbuilding Contract signing was held at new shipbuilding site of Open JSC «Leningrad Shipyard «Pella». The Contract was signed by the General director of the Shipyard Mr. Gerbert Tsaturov and the General director of «Antey» Ltd. Mr. Aleksey Polomar.
The vessel is designed for crab catching by cone traps with following sorting, loading in grid baskets and live crab transporting in tanks with sea cooled water.

Technical parameters:

Length overall47,5 m
Length between perpendiculars43,25 m
Width overall12 m
Overall draft at light displacement about 1100 t5,4 m
Overall draft at full displacement about 1750 t6,4 m
Powerplant1200 kWt
Gross tonnagenot less 1000 t
Endurance by fuel capacitynot less than 30 days
Endurance by water capacitynot less than 5 days
Crew30 persons
Speedabout 12,0 knots
Class notationКМ   Ice 2 AUT3(REF) Fishing Vessel

Within the framework of the ceremony Open JSC «Leningrad Shipyard «Pella» and Crab Catchers Association of the Far East have signed the Cooperation Agreement. The Agreement provides for the following:

  • realization of task for fleet renewal carrying out fishing of aquatic biological resources in seas of the Far East basin and in the Pacific Ocean;
  • ensuring interaction and effective dialogue between the Far East fishery companies and the Shipyard concerning construction of modern vessels for crab catching built at the Shipyard and then according to the worked documentations and technologies at the Far East region shipyards.
  • The ceremony was attended by the management and representatives of «Antey» Ltd., Petr Savchuk – the deputy head of the Federal Agency for Fishery of the Russian Federation, Alexander Duplyakov - the president of Crab Catchers Association of the Far East, the representatives of North-West Territorial Department of the Federal Agency for Fishery, Gazprombank, the management and representatives of Open JSC «Leningrad Shipyard «Pella».

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