15 August 2013

The launch of the head high speed patrol boat of project 03160 “Raptor” designed and built by Open JSC “Pella” by the order of RF Navy

The boat is intended to perform the following operations at day-time and at night:

  • the transportation of group of at least 20 persons providing the highest possible embarkation and debarkation;
  • duties in assigned areas;
  • intercept and arrest of small targets;
  • rescue of people in areas of duty.

Navigation area – coastal areas, straits, estuaries standing off a place of shelter within 100 miles.

The main dimensions:
Length max ab. 17 m
Width max ab. 4,0 m
Fixed height ab. 3,5 m
Depth ab. 0,9 m
Crew 2 persons
Special staff 22 persons
Speed about 50 knots
Total power 2000 h.p.

Scheduled time of delivery of the boat to the State customer is the September of the next year.

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