8 August 2015

The Multifunction rescue tug «SB-736» of the project 02980 (PS-45) building No 803 has been launched.

"SB-736" - the third of series tug construction project 02980 (PS-45). Launch of the vessel will be made by using channel for ship launch on the new shipbuilding complex of shipyard Pella.

At the launching ceremony was attended by representatives of the customer, representatives of the administration Kirovsky district of Leningrad region, authority of the shipyard “Pella” and factory workers.

The vessel was sanctified by Churchman Nikolay of the Church of St. Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles.


  • Multifunctional towing of vessels, floating objects and structures in ice and open water.
  • Supply of marine objects with equipment and materials, transportation of special staff and cargoes, assistance in technical operations fulfillment at remote sea objects.
  • Rescue operations, assistance of distressed vessels, search, rescue, evacuation and lodging of people, delivering of medical aid.
  • Rescue duties in shipping, marine oil and gas recovery areas.
  • Firefighting operations at floating and shore objects, firefighting of fuel oil burning into water.
  • Oil and petroleum content products spill removal.
  • Servicing in transport operations in harbor, shallow and shelf coastal zones.
  • Maintenance of underwater technical operations.
  • Breaking of ice with the thickness of up to 1 m at the speed of 2-5 knots.
  • Escort operations at the speed of up to 10 knots.
  • Technical information

    Length overall 48 m
    Width overall 13 m
    Draught max 5.4 m
    Speed 14.5 knots
    Bollard pull 80 t
    Powerplant 2х2666 kW
    Tonnage 1216 t

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