4 March 2015

The State Commission has accepted the multifunction complex port service vessel “VTN-73” of pr. 03180 building No 303.

In the nearest time the vessel will be delivered to the State Customer – Russian Navy and will be put into operation within the Black Sea Fleet.
One of the most progressive decisions upon the project № 03180 is applying the self-washed separate cargo tanks which would allow transporting various liquid cargoes simultaneously and in a very short time if necessary interchange them.


  • Bunkerage of the vessels with different types of fuel
  • Collection of oily content, sewage, bilge waters from vessels and floating objects
  • Collection of dry garbage and food waste from vessels
  • Buoys transportation and placement
  • Beaconage floating devices maintenance
  • Oil spill removal
  • Transportation of cargoes
Technical information
Length max 49,9 m
Width max 14,0 m
Draught ab. 5,0 m
Speed ab. 10,0 knots
Classificaion КМ  Ice3 R2 Aut1 Oil Tanker (>60° C) ESP by Russian Maritime Register of shipping.
Propulsion complex Z-drive US 155, Rolls-Royce, FPP without nozzles
Power 2х970 kW at 1800 r/min, Caterpillar С32
Bow thruster Tunnel type, TAC 75, ABS, providing the power of
75 kW

Deck equipment:

  • bow anchor-mooring electric windlass of Adria Winch, providing the driving power of 12,5 kW;
  • aft mooring capstan NS 904-002 of Adria Winch, providing the pull 50 kN;
  • deck crane PK 50002M, Palfinger, with lifting capacity of 2.5 t at the boom of 13,8 m.
  • Special systems:

  • Fuel, oily waters collecting and discharge system by means of stationary submerged pumps;
  • Cargo heating system by means of horizontal steam heaters autonomic for each tank;
  • Cargo tanks offtake system;
  • Cargo tanks washing system by means of stationary washing machines;
  • Water-foam fire-fighting system with two fire monitors.
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