11 June 2014

The tugboat «RB-413» of the project 90600 building No 941 of the Acceptance Program of 2014 has been launched

The solemn ceremony was participated by Chief of naval crew training department of supply vessels of Navy Dandamayev A.G., representative of the Main HQ of the Russian Federation Navy Tararukhin D.S., authority of the shipyard “Pella”.

The vessel was sanctified by Churchman Andrey of the Church of Alexander Nevsky.

In 2014 the tugboat will be delivered to the Russian Navy and put into operation within the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation.

The tugboat is intended for towing and berthing operations in harbor, roadsteads and coastal areas which comply with R3 navigation area, refloating of ships and vessels, fire fighting operations at floating and shore objects, oil and petroleum content products, cargo transportation, ice breaking and erosion operations.

Technical information:

Length max 25,4 m
Width max 8,8 m
Draught 4,2 m
Speed 11,8 knots
Classificaion KM  Arc4 R3 Aut3 Tug by Russian Register of shipping.
Propulsion system Z-drives US 155, Rolls-Royce, FPP into nozzles
Powerplant 2*746 kW at 1800 r/min, Caterpillar ?32

Deck equipment:

  • bow electro-hydraulic anchor-towing-mooring winch Fluidmecanica providing 10 t of bollard pull and 847 kN of brake holding force;
  • 23 t towing hook SWL with quick release device
  • The tugboat is equipped with cargo crane ?? 2300, Palfinger with lifting capacity of 150 kilos at the boom of 5m.

    In order to fulfill fire-fighting operations the tugboat is equipped with external fire fighting system made by FFS (capacity is 800 m3/h, 2 water monitors, water curtains system).

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